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Marketplace Bridge


February 10, 2015

Last night, Downtown Disney's transformation into Disney Springs caused a happy surprise for guests hanging out in the Marketplace after all the shops were closed. The new Margarita bar which will be opening up across from the Marketplace Co-op was being dropped in by crane forcing guests to walk not down the main path in Downtown Disney, but across the new bridge!

The new bridge, which will open Friday for all guests, travels across the water in front of World of Disney connecting Rainforest Cafe with T-Rex. While the stands that will be on the bridge obviously weren't open around 1 when I crossed, I did manage to get a few pictures. I apologize in advance for the blurriness of the pictures.

Marketplace Bridge

Marketplace Bidge

View of Ghirardelli and World of Disney from the bridge. You can also see the crane where the work is being done on the left hand side

Me on the bridge
Me on the bridge

Like I said, the bridge will officially open up on Friday. Here guests will be able to experience even more fun that Disney Springs will offer!

What do you think of the new addition?


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