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Peter Pan Extended Queue Opens

November 26, 2014

This past Saturday, Disney finally opened up the long awaited extended queue for Peter Pan's Flight. If you have followed me throughout the past five years since this website started, you probably know by now that the one Disney thing I love more than anything else is Peter Pan. The story, attraction, characters, etc. I love it all, so I have been anxiously waiting for this new addition to finally open up. Let's just say it was well worth the wait.

The extension of the queue is located where the old Fantasyland restrooms once sat. Just after turning the corner where the Fastpass and standby line once joined together, guests now enter a long corridor filled with paintings from the film. Here you can see Captain Hook, mermaids, and Peter Pan himself!

Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan's Flight queue

Peter Pan's Flight queue

Peter Pan's Queue

Peter Pan's queue

Peter Pan's Queue

Peter Pan's Queue

After turning the corner, guests find themselves in the backyard of the Darling family! In the window we can see the shadows of George and Mary (the parents in he film), and see the shadows of London off in the distance over the fence.

Peter Pan's queue

Peter Pan's queue

We then enter the household through the backdoor. Guests pass portraits of the entire Darling family, including Nana!

Darling Children

Peter Pan's flight



After passing the portraits, guests enter the nursery of Wendy, John and Michael. First we pass John's bed where his umbrella and hat can be found hanging in the corner. Even more interesting is the calendar found upon the wall. The date is circled on December 27, 1904, the day that Peter Pan, the original lay, first debuted!

John's room

John's bed

John's room

Over at Michael's bed we can find his stuffed teddy bear lying upon his bed next to some blocks that spell out "Peter Pan." Next to his bed are several more blocks found upon the floor alongside a miniature wagon. Fans of the film will recognize that the blocks are placed in the same shape and order as the film, and the wagon is what Nana trips in during the film as well.

Michael's room

Micchael's room

Across from Michael's bed is Nana's doghouse along with a bookshelf filled with various toys and books for the children.

Nan's doghouse

Finally we pass by Wendy's bed. While Wendy didn't carry around any physical items in the film, she did carry along quite the torch for Peter Pan himself. To represent Wendy, we can find two paintings of Peter's shadows upon the walls next to her bed.

Wendy's room

Wendy's bed

Overall, the new queue is absolutely amazing and a great addition to the attraction. While I usually go for the Fastpass on this attraction, I may now start going through the regular line over and over just to get my fill of it's awesomeness!

What do you think of the new addition?


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