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World Cup 2014

June 15, 2014


Soccer fans and non-Soccer fans (football fans and non-football fans) alike have been going crazy over the World Cup this year and Disney has decided to join in the action. To help celebrate, World Showcase at Epcot has totally gotten in the spirit with new merchandise and fun!

The first stop for fun is over at the Odyssey building where they have a viewing party for all games that occur during park hours! The whole atmosphere is a lot of fun filled with merchandise, food, drink, and great seating!

World Cup Oddysey

World Cup Epcot


World Cup Epcot

World Cup Epcot

World Cup Epcot

While walking around World Showcase you can find signs for the World Cup scattered throughout the 11 pavilions, but in addition to that, a new area has been added between the African Outpost and Germany. Here you can find a bracket board for all the games so you can check on your favorite team. In addition to that, Disney Soccer players have a soccer net set up where guests are allowed to dribble a soccer ball and shoot a goal!

World Cup

World Cup Epcot

World Cup Epcot

I'm not a big fan of soccer, but overall the whole World Cup atmosphere around World Showcase has made me a little more interested in what it's all about!

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