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Join Disney author Brent Dodge on a tour of the Walt Disney World parks!

Each tour lasts 4 hours as Brent gives you a closer look at the attractions, lands, fun facts, and history of each park!

We can accommodate groups of 1 to 10 and base the tour around your interests.

Cost: $50 - ages 16-up
          $30 - children ages 8-15
          Free - children ages 0-7

Contact or our friends over at It's All About the Mouse Travel for any further questions.



The last time I walked into the Magic Kingdom, I had no idea I was about to have a tour with Brent Dodge! My family went on the train which is something we don't usually do. We then got to the front of the park and Brent walked by with his 'From Screen to Theme' shirt. At this point in the day I had thought we had just run into him like I was hoping to all week, but my parents surprised me with a tour! When we walked down Main Street I knew it was a tour and was shocked at how much Brent pointed out that we never knew about. My family thought we knew it all but we didn't know anything until that day. Brent kept going on with facts and just some of the basics that nobody really notices. From the buildings to the rides and the different colored sidewalks throughout the parks.

That trip I had started trying to find Hidden Mickey's and Brent kept pointing out more and more I couldn't believe there were that many and how they started. He shared so many facts and where they are to me that I couldn't keep track! Brent really does know the most of anyone about Disney!

The tour was great and he let us pick what to do and he shared so much about everything we did and saw. I would recommend this tour to anyone because he knows facts for everything! By the end he had told us so much I couldn't take all that information in at once. No Disney trip can beat the day for me! If you're going to be in Disney World and want to A LOT more definitely take the tour.

Rachel B. 13 from Pennsylvania


On July 26, 2010, my family and I took the "When You Wish Upon a Tour" with Brent Dodge in the Magic Kingdom. This is our favorite theme park in Walt Disney World and we have been there 40+ times collectively.  We thought we had seen it all.  We thought we knew a lot about the park, its attractions and shows and of course, all the characters! Boy were we wrong!
Brent met us just inside the gate at the Train Station and began telling us all the fun facts that were right before our eyes, yet unseen by us for all these years.  His wealth of knowledge is priceless and the entertainment value of spending a few hours with him were well worth the price!  I have never known anyone as informed as Brent.  He knows secrets that even most Cast Members don't know! 
On this trip, I had my 68 year old mother, my 4 year old son and my 16 year old neighbor with me.  This tour was shaped around us as a family and was enjoyed by us all.  For Mom, the historical facts were interesting.  For the 16 year old, the FUN Facts were fascinating especially those in and around the rides.  For the 4 year old, the magic tricks and the Buzz Lightyear ride were the highlights.  And for me, the best part was having a private guide to show all of us a great time and a new perspective in a familiar setting. - Stacia M.


It's All About the Mouse