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Who's Who? Wednesday

November 16, 2011


Aladdin is the fantastic lead character in Walt Disney's 1992 film, "Aladdin." He can also be found in other films such as "The Return of Jafar," "Aladdin and the King of Thieves," "Mickey's House of Villains," and "Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse." He can also be seen in TV shows such as "Aladdin: The Series," one episode of Hercules: The Animated Series," and "House of Mouse." He has also appeared in video games such as the Kingdom Hearts series, Aladdin, Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge, Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Disney Universe. He can also be found on other merchandise such as clothing, books, and other toys.

He is 18 years old and he lives on the streets of Agrabah, but ends up in the palace after marrying Princess Jasmine. He has many allies on his side including his father Cassim who is the king of thieves. His friends include Abu, Genie, Princess Jasmine, Carpet, Sultan, Iago, Rajah, and many others. His enemies include Jafar, Haroud Hazi Bin, Abis Mal, and all of the Disney villains.

Aladdin at first definitely looks the part of a street rat: he wears a purple vest, baggy white pants with a patch sewn in the right knee, and a small red top hat. Later in the film he dresses the part of a prince, wearing very nice clothes and a turban like head dress for royalty which has gold and a red ruby on it.

He is voiced by Scott Weinger and Brad Kane.

*Fun Fact* Scott Weinger was on the TV series Full House, he played Steve who was D.J.'s boyfriend. In one episode when the family is at Disney World D.J. begins to see Steve everywhere since she misses him. One of the people she thinks looks like Steve is actually Aladdin!

Aladdin can be found as a meet and greet character at Disney parks all over the world. He can also be seen in World of Color at Disney California Adventure, Mickey's Philharmagic, It's a Small World in Hong Kong Disneyland, Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure, and also The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.


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