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Who's Who? Wednesday

April 8, 2015

Amanda Lockhart

Amanda Lockhart is one of the unofficial Kingdom Keepers. She plays a huge role in all of the stories. She can be found in all of Ridley Pearson's books based on the five DHI's (Disney Host Interactive), who crossover into the Disney parks when they sleep to stop an extremely evil group known as the Overtakers. The Overtakers want to take all the fun and happiness out of the parks and it's up to Philby, Maybeck, Finn, Charlene, Willa, Jess, and herself to stop the Overtakers evil plans. Ridley Pearson's books consist of "Disney After Dark," "Disney at Dawn," "Disney in Shadow," "Power Play," "Shell Game," "Dark Passage," "The Insider," "The Syndrome," and "The Return" which was just released last week as part of a trilogy set about the Kingdom Keepers.

She is 15 years old and moved from Maine to live in Orlando, Florida at Mrs. Nash's orphanage where she lives with her sister Jess. She goes to school at Winter Park High School with Finn Whitman. She can always count on her friends Wayne, Jess, Finn, Dillard, Willa, Philby, Charlene, Maybeck, Wanda, and the good Disney characters. Her enemies include Mrs. Nash, Greg Luowski, the Overtakers, and the rest of the evil Disney villains.

Kingdom Keepers

Amanda isn't like normal 15 year old girls. She has special powers and is a Fairlie. Her powers include levitating people and objects. She dresses like a normal teenager with normal outfits such as jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts. She and Finn finally have a romantic relationship after something always got in the way in most of the books. Charlene was extremely jealous of this, but in the later books Charlene started a relationship with Maybeck.

A lot of people including myself are hoping the Kingdom Keepers series gets turned into movies and video games. I think the stories are fantastic and they would really bring a new element of fun and adventure to the Walt Disney Company.

Kingdom Keepers

The Kingdom Keepers aren't found in the parks, but hopefully someday they can be incorporated somehow. After reading the books, you will never look at Disney parks the same again, especially 'It's a Small World!'


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