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Who's Who? Wednesday

September 19, 2012

Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen is the lovable old man in Disney/Pixar's 2009 film 'Up.' His character is one of the most unique in Disney/Pixar's history in my opinion. He can be found in the animated shorts 'George and A.J.' and 'Dug's Special Mission.' He can also be found in other merchandise such as books, computer games, the Up video game, stamps, toys, clothing, and pins.

It is unknown where Carl lives, but I have heard that Shady Oaks might not only be the retirement home he was almost moved to, but also the name of the town. During the film Carl takes a trip to Paradise Falls in South America. Carl had a wife named Ellie who unfortunately passed away. His friends consist of Kevin, Russell, and Dug. His enemies include A.J., George, Charles Muntz, and Charles' pack of dogs.

Carl is an elderly man who has a large nose, white hair, white eyebrows, and large black glasses. He wears a cream long sleeve shirt, black bow tie, brown dress jacket, brown pants with a brown belt, brown dress shoes, and a soda pop pin named the Ellie badge. He also uses a four pegged cane with tennis balls on the bottom for walking and balance issues, which he also uses as a weapon in the film.

He is voiced by two people in the film, Jeremy Leary and the legendary actor Edward Asner. He was also voiced by Steve Purcell in the animated short 'George and A.J.' He was animated by Jonas Rivera and Pete Docter.

Carl can be found in Disney parks around the world as a meet and greet character. He can also be found in various parades, and the hit night time show World of Color at Disney California Adventure.


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