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Who's Who? Wednesday

April 20, 2016



With baseball being my favorite sport, I figured today I would do a baseball themed article. Casey is from the 1946 Walt Disney film, ‘Make Mine Music.’ He can be found in the segment ‘Casey at the Bat’ along with the sequel ‘Casey Bats Again.’ He can also be found in the television shows, ‘A Poem Is’ and ‘House of Mouse.’ In other merchandise he can be found in Disney art, clothing, books, and I have seen a few old pins with him on them.

Casey lives in Mudville with his wife and 9 daughters who are known as the Caseyettes. He is a genuinely nice person, but he is also extremely cocky and full of himself.


He is a very muscular baseball player. He has a large mouth, small nose, red hair, and large hands. His baseball uniform consists of a long sleeve white under shirt, purple collared jersey with a red scarf, blue pants, red and white socks, black shoes, and a purple and white hat.

Casey's corner

Casey can be found in three places at Disney theme parks around the world. Disney California Adventure has a game on the Boardwalk called Casey at the Bat, and the baseball themed quick service restaurant in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris called Casey’s Corner.  


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