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October 8, 2014



Elsa is one of the main characters from the 2013 Walt Disney mega hit, 'Frozen.' She can also be seen in the television shows, 'Once Upon a Time' and 'It's a Small World: The Animated Series.' In video games she can be found in Hidden Worlds, Frozen: Free Fall, Disney INFINITY, and Disney INFINITY 2.0. In other merchandise she can be seen in toys, books, pins, Disney art, and clothing.

She is queen of Arendelle. She has many people she can count on including Kristoff, Anna, Pabbie, Olaf, the royal guards, Sven, Marshmallow, the trolls, and all of the good Disney characters. Her enemies include the Duke of Weselton, Hans, the Weselton henchmen, and the rest of the evil Disney villains.


Elsa is a very petite girl. She has blue eyes, red lips, and very light blonde hair. She also has very light skin and bright rosy cheeks. She was seen in a few different outfits, but her most common one is a light blue dress that has snowflakes on it with light blue sleeves. It also has a long train cape, and ice heels. She is extremely caring, intelligent, and she has powerful magic.

She was animated by Tony Smeed, and Wayne Unten. She was voiced by a few people in the film such as Spencer Lacey Ganus, Idina Menzel, and Eva Bella. She is also played by Georgina Haig in 'Once Upon a Time.'


Elsa can be found in Disney theme parks around the world. She can be seen in Mickey's Soundsational Parade, World of Color, Festival of Fantasy Parade, Frozen: Summer Fun, Celebrate the Magic, Princess Fairytale Hall, and in Disney Dreams. With Maelstrom closing it will be interesting to see how the 'Frozen' attractions looks. I will say the possibilities are endless for the 'Frozen' franchise. I just hope Disney doesn't overdue it and they don't take things out and then the 'Frozen' fad ends.

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