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Who's Who? Wednesday

March 19, 2014

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is one of the main villains from the hit Disney Afternoon television show, 'Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.' I have heard rumors that he will play a big part in the new Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers movie, so we will see how that works out when the film is released. He can also be found in the video games Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2. In other merchandise he can be found in books, toys, Disney art, vinylmations, pins, and clothing.

He makes his home at the Happy Tom Cat Food Factory. His partners in crime include Mole, Wart, Mepps, Snout, Don Karnage, Magica De Spell, Megavolt, Liquidator, Quackerjack, and Professor Norton Nimnul. His enemies include Dale, Zipper, Chip, Monterey Jack, Gadget, Darkwing Duck, Plato, Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge McDuck, and the rest of the good Disney characters.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is obese and he has gray fur. He wears a purple business suit, which includes a purple jacket, purple button up vest, black undershirt, and a red tie. He is rude, intelligent, and extremely greedy, it is all about money for him.

He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

*FUN FACT* Fat Cat was modeled after Dom DeLuise.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is a retired character in Disney parks around the world. His most notable appearance was in The Disney Afternoon Live: Plane Crazy. I really wish they would use Disney Afternoon shows and characters more in the parks. He could also be found in Disney on Ice shows back in the day. Some of the greatest Disney shows in my opinion can from the Disney Afternoon lineup.


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