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Who's Who? Wednesday

February 1, 2012

Friar Tuck

Friar Tuck is an extremely overlooked character. He is from Walt Disney's 'Robin Hood' which was released in 1973. He can also be found in the film 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.' He can also be found in the television show 'House of Mouse' along with a few other Disney specials that aired in the 1980's. You is rarely found in merchandise, mainly in pins, and toys. I remember they had a McDonald's Robin Hood set and he was one of the toys with the Happy Meals.

He lives in Nottingham, where he is the main church friar (which is a form of a monk). Tuck is good hearted, but at the same time he has a short fuse if someone messes with him, his friends, or his church. He has many friends on his side such as Robin Hood, Sexton Mouse, Maid Marian, Little Sister, Little John, the town's people, and Lady Cluck to name a few. His enemies include Sir Hiss, Prince John, Sheriff of Nottingham, and all those that are against the forces of good.

Friar Tuck is a Badger in the film, wears a normal friar robe which is brown with a hood, he also walks with a staff that he uses as a weapon when needed. He is partly bald, has white hair, wears sandals, and is overweight. Tuck will do whatever it takes to take Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham out of power, seeing Robin Hood win the battle is extremely important to him.

*FUN FACT* Friar Tuck was first drawn up as a pig but Disney thought about it and changed him to a badger.

He has been voiced by a few different people over the years: Wayne Knight, Andy Devine, and Chuck McCann.

He can be found in Disney parks around the world as a meet and greet character. He can also be found in Fantasmic! on the riverboats, waving to the crowds and dancing. In Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World he also has a quick service restaurant named after him: 'The Friar's Nook.' It is a neat little snack place, I have had hot dogs there before which I thought were pretty good. He can be found in parades. I remember seeing Friar Tuck at Disney's Animal Kingdom a couple times and felt bad for him. He is such an overlooked character that no one was in line to meet him or get their pictures taken with him, so I went over and had some good interaction with him which was really nice because a lot of times all the older and overlooked characters provide the best experience in my opinion.

*FUN FACT* The Friar's Nook at Walt Disney World used to be the old Village Fry Shoppe.


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