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Who's Who? Wednesday

June 22, 2016



Finding Dory opened in theaters last week, and after seeing the film Sunday, I decided to write my article this week about my favorite character from the new film. Hank is a cranky septopus. He only has seven tentacles instead of a normal octopus who has eight tentacles. He can be found in 'The Good Dinosaur' and 'Finding Dory.' Andrew Stanton did a video which said Hank was in every Pixar film ever made, but it was an April Fool's Day joke. He can be found in the video games Disney INFINITY: 3.0 Edition and Just Keep Swimming. In other merchandise you can find him in toys, pins, clothing, mugs, and books.

We first meet Hank at the Marine Life Institute where he is trying to get as far away as possible from everyone and everything. He can count on Dory, Nemo, Bailey, Marlin, Mr. Ray, Crush, Squirt, Destiny, Becky, Fluke, Rudder, Jenny, and Charlie. His enemies include anyone trying to touch him, poke him, or grab him.


*FUN FACT* Andrew Stanton said 'The time spent to make Hank work in the film was the equivalent to making another pixar movie entirely.'

Hank is a red septopus who has a little orange, tan, and yellow coloring in his skin. He has blue eyes which are very baggy. He also has a very unique feature in the fact that he can camouflage with anything he touches. He is cranky, very smart, and is extremely loyal.


He is voiced by the extremely talented Ed O'Neill. Ed also did the voice of Stan Litwak in Wreck-It Ralph, which is the owner of the Arcade.

Hank can be found in Turtle Talk with Crush at Disney California Adventure, and also in Epcot at Walt Disney World. I absolutely loved this character and hope they do more with him in the parks. He brought humor, intelligence, action, and heart to this film. Make sure you stay after the credits for a fantastic clip with a big easter egg.


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