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Who's Who? Wednesday

August 8, 2012


Hercules is the hero from Walt Disney's 'Hercules' which was released in 1997. He can also be found in the films 'Mickey's House of Villains' and 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.' In television shows he can be found in 'House of Mouse,' 'Hercules: The Animated Series,' and a Disney Junior mini series called 'A Poem is.' In video games he can be found in the Kingdom Hearts series, Hercules, and in Disney Universe. In other merchandise he can be found in books, toys, clothing, pins, cups, and plates.

He was born a god on Mount Olympus to his mother Hera and father Zeus. His uncle Hades made Hercules mortal (or so he thought) to take over Mount Olympus and so he could release the Titans. He has many allies that aid him such as his wife Megara, Zeus, Phil, Hera, the rest of the Olympian Gods, Pegasus his best friend, and the rest of the good characters. His enemies include Hades, Nessus, the Titans, Hydra, Pain, Cerberus, Panic, and the rest of the Disney villains.

Hercules is very muscular, with blue eyes and red hair. He wears brown sandals, gold plated armor, a red headband, and a blue cape. He mainly uses his strength as a weapon but has been known to use a sword and shield while fighting his enemies. He is extremely brave, caring, and has a good heart. He puts others first and makes saving others his priority.

He was voiced by Tate Donovan for most of the film and the television series. He was also voiced by Roger Bart, and Josh Keaton at certain points during the film.

Hercules can be found in Disney parks around the world as a meet and greet character. He can also be found during Fantasmic, and also on the Disney Cruise Line. Finally he is part of the extremely popular Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.


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