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Who's Who? Wednesday

October 22, 2014

Hiro Hamada


The Walt Disney Company is set to release a collaborated film with Marvel on November 7th called 'Big Hero 6.' So today I will be introducing Hiro Hamada to you all. He is the main character in the upcoming film. He can also be found in the video games, Disney INFINITY 2.0, and Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay. In other merchandise he can be found in things such as comic books, toys, Disney/Marvel art, and clothing.

He lives in San Fransokyo, with his aunt, Cass Hamada. His friends include Wasabi, Tadashi, Fred, Baymax, GoGo Tomago, and Honey Lemon. His main enemy is Yokai and his evil henchmen.

Big Hero Six

Hiro is a typical nerd. He is extremely skinny, has brown eyes, jet black hair, and black bushy eyebrows. His main outfit in the film consists of khaki shorts, a brown pair of converse shoes with yellow laces, a red t-shirt, a navy blue zip-up hoody. He is extremely smart, he can talk his way out of anything, and is extremely shameless.

*FUN FACT* Big Hero 6 is based off a Marvel comic book. In the comics Hiro's last name is actually Takachiho.

He is voiced by Ryan Potter.

Hiro along with Baymax will be coming to Disney theme parks around the world this fall as a meet and greet character. Only time will tell if they becomes the next 'Frozen' hit, and gets integrated more into the theme parks. Being the huge Marvel fan that I am I have read the comics and I am extremely excited and looking forward to this film!


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