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Who's Who? Wednesday

June 20, 2012

Hubert, Hamish, and Harris

Brave week is finally here, and let me say, I am extremely excited to see this film! This week I will be talking about the triple trouble triplets: Hamish, Harris, and Hubert. They can be found starting Friday in theater's for Disney/Pixar's Brave. They can also be found in the Brave shorts that have been popping up on the television and internet lately. They can also be seen on a lot of merchandise such as toys, mugs, bags, books, vinylmations, clothes, and I am sure they will be making an appearance in the Brave video game.

The Triplets are princes of a vast kingdom in the Scottish Highlands called DunBroch. They live with their sister (Princess Merida), father (King Fergus), and mother (Queen Elinor). They have many people they can count on when in trouble and in the film trouble is sure to find them. Their biggest enemy is the massive creature Mor'du, who is feared by almost all who oppose him.

They wear red, green, and gray robes, brown boots, belts, and have wooden swords. They are extremely pale skinned and have bright curly red hair. They are trouble makers and they love desserts.

The Triplets can only been seen in World of Color in Disney California Adventure. Depending on the success of the film I could see them being added to the parks as paintings or figures in parades or other areas.


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