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Who's Who? Wednesday

November 7, 2012

Jane Porter

Jane is the lead female character in 1999 Walt Disney film, 'Tarzan.' In other films she can be found in 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse,' and 'Tarzan and Jane.' In television shows she can be found in 'The Legend of Tarzan.' She makes appearances in the video games Kingdom Hearts, Tarzan, and Tarzan Untamed. In other merchandise she can be found in books, toys, clothing, pins, and Disney art.

She lived in England most of her life until she met Tarzan, and since then she lives in the jungle with him. Jane has many friends she can count on such as Tarzan, Tantor, Kala, Terk, Archimedes Q. Porter, and the other gorillas in their tribe. Her enemies include Tublat, Queen La, Neils, Merkus, Clayton, and Sabor.

Jane is very skinny, has blue eyes, brown hair, and a small button nose. She wears a few outfits during the films such as a yellow puffy dress with white gloves, boots, a yellow and white umbrella, white collared shirt under it with a purple tie. She also wears multi colored tank tops and skirts while living in the jungle. She is very bright and adventurous.

She has been voiced by a few people over the years such as Minnie Driver, Naia Kelly, and Olivia d'Abo. She was animated by Ken Duncan.

Jane can be found in Disney parks all over the world, but she is a rare meet and greet character. She can be seen in World of Color, Fantasmic!, and Tarzan's Treehouse. She can also be seen on the Disney Cruise Line, the Tarzan Broadway show and in Disney on Ice shows. She is a very underrated character and I love her in the Tarzan movies, novels, and games.


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