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Who's Who? Wednesday

October 21, 2015



Joy is one of the main characters from the extremely popular 2015 Disney/Pixar film, 'Inside Out.' She can also be seen in the short film, 'Riley's First Date.' In video games she can be found in the Disney INFINITY series and Inside Out: Thought Bubbles. In other merchandise she can be found in clothes, pins, toys, Disney art, books, and games.

She lives in Riley's mind with her friends Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. She can also count on Bing Bong and Riley herself when she needs help. Her worst enemy is Jangles the Clown.


Joy is tall and very skinny. She has big bright blue eyes, pink lips, and blue sparkly hair. Her outfit consists of a lime green dress with blue flowers on it. She is extremely happy, optimistic, and adventurous. She is very loyal and will do anything she can to help her fellow emotions and friends out when needed.

She is voiced by the hilarious Amy Poehler in the film and by Kate Higgins in video games.


Joy can be found at Disney parks around the world as meet and greet character. She can also be found in the Pixar Play Parade and World of Color. This was a great film and I would love to see Disney utilize these characters more into the parks.


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