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Who's Who? Wednesday

August 9, 2011

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is the main character from the hit TV series: Kim Possible. Kim can also be seen in Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, Kim Possible: The Villain Files, Kim Possible: The Secret Files, and Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time. She also has been on Phineas and Ferb and Lilo and Stitch: The Series. She has also been in a number of Kim Possible video games: Kim Possible: Global Gemini, Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist, Kim Possible: Kimmunicator, Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise, Kim Possible: What's the Switch?, and Kim Possible 3: Team Possible.

Kim lives in Middleton with her parents James and Ann, along with her pesky brothers Tim and Jim. Her boyfriend is long time friend Ron Stoppable. Her other close friends include Wade, Monique, and Rufus. Kim has some of the most diverse villains in all of the Walt Disney Company. The most common are Dr. Drakken and Shego, but there is also Monkey Fist, Motor Ed, Duff Killigan, Senor Senior Sr., Senor Senior Jr., Camille Leon, The Bebes, Professor Dementor, and her school rival Bonnie Rockwaller.

Kim wears many different outfits throughout the show, movies, and other appearances. Her most well know is her crime fighting outfit, which is a black shirt, gloves, a brown belt, khaki cargo pants, and black shoes. She is very fit, has red hair, green eyes, and is the head cheerleader at her high school, which helps with her crime fighting.

Kim is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, who played Ren on the show Even Stevens. She was created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.

*Fun Fact* Christy Carlson Romano also played Belle for one year in 2004 on Broadway for Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Kim Possible can be found with Ron Stoppable in Disney Parks around the world as Meet and Greet characters. She can also be found in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in a very fun, interactive game called 'Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. The activity takes guests on a journey through different World Showcase pavilions to help Kim catch the criminals. I tried this when I was in Walt Disney World last June and had a blast. I recommend it to anyone going to Walt Disney World!


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