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Who's Who? Wednesday

November 30, 2016



So Sunday night my wife and I took our son to see ';Moana.'; I was very interested in the story and have always been fascinated with the Polynesian culture. The movie was an absolute masterpiece, with the visuals and music being some of the best Disney has released in my opinion. There were so many fantastic characters in this film. I have decided to write my article this week about one of the main characters, Maui. As mentioned above he can be found in the film ';Moana'; which was released in theaters last Wednesday, November 23rd. In video games he can be found in Moana: Rhythm Run, Moana: Island Life, Disney Crossy Road, and Disney Emoji Blitz. He can also be found in merchandise such as toys, books, clothing, Funko figures, pins, and Disney art.

Maui made his home on an unknown island in the South Pacific. People he can count on when needed are Moana Waialiki, Heihei, Mini Maui in the form of his tribal tattoos, and the ocean. His enemies include Kakamora, Te Ka, and Tamatoa. He goes through many ups and downs in the film, and the interaction between himself and Moana is wonderful. He is a very big and muscular demigod. He has tattoos all over his body, and has curly long black hair, a tiny nose, and dark brown eyes. He also wears a grass skirt and a necklace made of top and various shaped teeth. His weapon of choice is a magical fish hook which was given to him by the gods. He is often full of himself, funny, and extremely prideful of his culture.


He was designed by Jin Kim, Bill Schwab, and Eric Goldberg. Animated by Allen Ostergar IV, Mack Kablan, Michael Woodside, and Trent Correy. He was voiced the amazingly talented Dwayne ';The Rock'; Johnson.

*FUN FACT* Maui is the Demigod of the wind and sea. The Hawaiian meaning of Maui means God of fire.


Maui can only be found in Disney parks around the world in reference form. I would be shocked if he wasn';t included as a meet and greet character in the very near future with how great this film was. I could definitely see a sequel in the future as well. Go check out this film.


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