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March 15, 2017



Moana is the main character in the Walt Disney animated hit film, 'Moana' which was just released on DVD last week. She can be found in the animated short 'Gone Fishing.' In video games she can be found in Moana: Island Life, Disney Emoji Blitz, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, Disney Crossy Road, and Moana: Rhythm Run. In other merchandise she can be found in toys, Disney art, games, books, Funko pop figures, and clothing. I am sure she will be getting her own vinylmation figure in the near future as well.

She lives on the island of Motunui with her mother, father, and her recently deceased grandmother. She is the new Chief of her people. Her friends she can count on in times of need are Maui, Heihei, Mini Maui, Tui, Pua, Te Fiti, Sina, Tala, the people of her village, and the ocean. Her enemies include Tamatoa, Te Ka, the rest of the inhabitants of Lalotai (Realm of Monsters), and Kakamora.


Moana is a Polynesian teenage girl. She has brown eyes, black eyebrows, and long thick wavy black hair. Her outfit consists of reddish/pink floral tube top, a cream colored skirt, a reddish/pink sash around her waste, and a brown necklace with a blue gem that holds the heart of Te Fiti. She is very adventurous, brave, and she has an amazing heart!

She was designed by Nick Orsi, Bill Scwhab, Minkyu Lee, Randy Haycock, and Jin Kim. Her animators include Hyrum Osmand, Malcom Pierce, Allen Ostergar lV, Svetla Radivoeva, and Trent Correy. In the film she is voiced by Louise Bush when she was a toddler and Auli'i Cravalho in the rest of the film.


Moana can be found as a meet and greet character in Disney parks around the world. She can also be seen in two upcoming shows. First in 2017 she can be seen in Happily Ever After, which is replacing Wishes at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on May 12, 2017. She can also be found across the see at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2018 in the upcoming show, Moana's Village Festival. With the popularity of 'Moana' I wouldn't be surprised to see more shows or even a attraction based on the film in the coming future. Finally if you haven't seen 'Moana' yet, go see it! Such a beautifully done film with a great story, and amazing artwork.


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