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Who's Who? Wednesday

December 18, 2013

Mr. Dawes Sr.

Mr. Dawes

In honor of Saving Mr. Banks being released this week, this week we will be taking a look at Mr. Dawes Sr, who can be seen in the 1964 Walt Disney classic 'Mary Poppins.' He can also be seen in other merchandise such as books, and Disney art. He is a one time only character and can't be found in any television shows, video games, or anything else.

He lives in London, England and is a Bank Director. His enemies include Michael, George, and Jane Banks. His allies include all of the Disney villains.

Mr. Dawes

Mr. Dawes Sr. is a very old man who has white curly hair and a long white beard. He wears a black dress coat, white dress undershirt, black pants, black shoes, a maroon scarf, and he needs to use a cane to get around. He is very greedy, power hungry, and clumsy.

He was played by the legendary actor, Dick van Dyke who also played Bert in the film.

*FUN FACT* Dick van Dyke walked the studio lot pretending he was an old man in the Mr. Dawes Sr. costume in a way to play pranks on others.

Mary Poppins Poster

Mr. Dawes Sr. can't be found in Disney parks around the world. I would love to see more 'Mary Poppins' references put in Disney parks. This film deserves more then what they have in the parks in my opinion. However, he can be seen in the Broadway version of 'Mary Poppins.' The film, songs, and characters were timeless, and I am really looking forward to seeing 'Saving Mr. Banks' in theaters on Friday night. I find the story of P.L. Travers and Walt Disney extremely fascinating.


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