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Who's Who? Wednesday

January 21, 2015



Mufasa is one of the main characters in the 1994 Walt Disney animated classic, 'The Lion King.' He can also be found in the films 'The Lion King 1 1/2' and 'The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride." In television shows he can be found in 'The Lion Guard" and 'House of Mouse.' For video games he can be found in the Kingdom Hearts series and The Lion King. In other merchandise he can be seen in clothing, pins, Disney art, vinylmation, books, toys, and games.

He lived on Pride Rock in the Pridelands. He had many friends he could count on such as Zazu, Sarabi, Nala, Rafiki, Simba, Mohatu, Sarafina, all of the Pridelanders, and the rest of the good Disney characters. His enemies include Ed, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, the rest of the hyenas, and the rest of the evil Disney villains.


*FUN FACT* Mufasa actually means King in some languages.

Mufasa is the king of kings! He is extremely muscular and has large paws. He has ruby eyes, sharp teeth, and gold fur with a fluffy red mane. He is extremely intelligent, brave, and powerful. Mufasa has one of the saddest deaths of any Disney character in my opinion; betrayed by his brother while his son has to watch it happen.

He was animated by Phil Young, Tony Fucile, Brad Kuha, and Chris Wahl. He was voiced by the legendary actor, James Earl Jones.


Mufasa can be found in Disney parks around the world in reference form and in certain attractions and shows. He can be found in World of Color, Fantasmic, It's a Small World, and Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable. He can also be found in certain Disney on Ice shows, and also in the hit Broadway show 'The Lion King."


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