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Who's Who? Wednesday

June 8, 2011

Russell is the lovable chubby little youngster in Disney/Pixar's UP. Russell spends most of the movie in Paradise Falls, South America. Russell can be seen in Disney/Pixar's UP, animated short George & A.J, animated short Dug's Special Mission, and UP the video game.

Russell is Japanese/American; the first one in Disney or Pixar's history. Russell lives with his mother. His mother and father are separated and the father never comes around anymore. Carl Fredricksen, Dug and Kevin are his friends..

Russell dresses in a Junior Wilderness explorer outfit which consists of a yellow button up shirt with pockets on the front, brown shorts with a belt, brown and black shoes with orange shoelaces, an orange scarf type cloth around his neck with a gold clip, a hat that is yellow, backpack with all sorts of wilderness goodies in it, and a brown sash over his shoulder with all his wilderness explorer badges.

Russell was animated by Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera, he was voiced by Jordan Nagai.

*FUN FACT* Jordan Nagai didn't even plan on auditioning for the part, he was there with his brother and wouldn't stop talking so they tried him out and loved him.

Russell can be found often at the Magic of Animation building at Disney Hollywood Studios, he can also be seen in the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade at Hollywood Studios.


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