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Who's Who? Wednesday

December 25, 2013

Scott Calvin

Scott Calvin

Merry Christmas, W.E.D.friends! Today I will be talking about Scott Calvin, who has been in films such as 'The Santa Clause,' 'The Santa Clause 2,' and 'The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.' He never went to television or video games, but he can also be found in other merchandise such as books, toys, Disney art, and clothing.

Scott originally lives in Chicago, Illinois but ends up at the North Pole after he made Santa Claus fall off the roof. He has many friends he can count on in time of need such as Bernard, Charlie, Carol, Judy, Laura, Neil, Lucy, all of the elves, and all of the good Disney characters. His enemies include Jack Frost, who like a lot of Disney characters turns good in the end.

Santa Clause Trilogy

He starts out in as a man who is skinny with blue eyes, brown hair, and wears work suits for his job. He ends up overweight, with blue eyes, white hair, a fluffy white beard, and he wears black boots, red pants, a red jacket, a red hat with white trimming, and red mittens.

He is played by Tim Allen who has been in other Disney films such as 'Toy Story 1-3,' and 'Jungle 2 Jungle.' Along with various Toy Story shorts, video games, and other things.

Santa Claus

Scott Calvin's Santa Claus can't be seen in Disney parks, however the real Santa Claus can be see in various parades, and shows. The biggest being the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade!


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