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Who's Who? Wednesday

December 21, 2011

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the wealthy uncle of Donald, who first appeared in the 1947 comic 'Christmas on Bear Mountain.' Over the years Scrooge has been in many different projects. He can be found in movies such as 'DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp,' 'Mickey's Christmas Carol,' 'Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas,' 'Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas,' and 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.' Television shows such as 'DuckTales,' 'Mickey Mouse Works,' 'House of Mouse,' 'Raw Toonage,' and a cameo in 'Mickey Mouse Club.' He has also appeared in video games such as DuckTales 1 and DuckTales 2, Deep Duck Trouble, Disney's Party, Disney TH!NK Fast, DuckTales: The Quest for Gold, the Kingdom Hearts games, and The Lucky Dime Caper. He can also be found in various merchandise such as comic books, pins, clothing, and toys.

He lives in the town of Duckburg in his mansion with his butler Duckworth, his maid Mrs. Beakley who also serves as nanny to his grand nephews Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Mrs. Beakley's grand daughter Webigail. Scrooge comes from a large family which includes his Mother Downy, Father Fergus, Brother Gideon, Sisters Hortense and Matilda, Niece Della, Nephew Gladstone, Aunt Eider, Nephew Donald, and Brother in law Ludwig Von Drake. He has a personal pilot Launchpad McQuack who flies him/crashes him to his adventures. Other allies are Mickey Mouse, Gyro Gearloose, Glittering Goldie, Goofy, Darkwing Duck, and Fenton Crackshell aka GizmoDuck. While enemies include Flintheart Glomgold, The Beagle Boys, Pete, and Magica De Spell to name a few.

*FUN FACT* Every year Forbes magazine does a Fictional 15, which lists the richest fictional characters in the world. In 2011 Scrooge was ranked #1 with a net worth of $44.1 Billion Dollars.

Scrooge has worn a few different outfits over the years, most being worn in DuckTales. His most common outfit depended on what you were seeing him in, because in the comic books he wore mainly a red shirt with grey trim, spectacles, a black top hat, a walking cane, and gray spats. In DuckTales, however, he wore more of the blue shirt with red trim, spectacles, a red belt, a black top hat, a walking cane, and red spats.

He was created by Carl Barks who once lived 13 minutes south of where I live now (way before my time but still awesome)! Carl in my opinion was hands down the best illustrator and comic creator ever. Scrooge has been voiced by many people over the years such as Bill Thompson, Dallas McKennon, Alan Young, and Will Ryan.

Scrooge is a very rare character these days at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but he can be seen quite often at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland as a meet and greet character. At Walt Disney World he is mainly seen during Christmas season. You can also find him in Fantasmic on the Riverboats, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Parade, and he is one of the lead characters at Tokyo Disneyland in A Little Tale of Christmas. Finally you can find him during Disney's Christmas Day Parade on ABC every Christmas morning.


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