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Who's Who? Wednesday

May 13, 2013



Tarzan is the main character in the 1999 Walt Disney film, 'Tarzan.' He can also be found in the films 'Tarzan and Jane' and 'Tarzan 2.' In television shows he can be seen in 'The Legend of Tarzan." In video games he can be found in the Kingdom Hearts series and Tarzan. Finally, he can be found in various merchandise such as clothing, pins, Disney art, toys, books, and vinylmations.

He lives in the Jungle, where he has been known as both 'The Lord of the Jungle' and also 'The King of the Jungle.' He lives there with his family. He has many people he can count on when needed such as Terk, Tantor, Kala, Jane Porter, Manu, Archimedes Q. Porter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Kerchak, Zugor, and the rest of the good Disney characters. His enemies include Sabor, Queen La, Samuel T. Philander, Clayton, Tublat, and the rest of the evil Disney villains.


Tarzan is very strong. He has long brown hair and green eyes. His outfit is one of the most simple outfits in the history of any Disney character. He just wears a brown loincloth. He is extremely brave, caring, and quite intelligent for growing up in the jungle raised by apes.

He has been animated by quite a few people over the years such as John Ripa, Stephane Sainte-Foi, Rick Kohlschmidt, Glen Keane, Michael Show, and Yoshimichi Tamura. He has been voiced by people such as Alex D. Linz, Tony Goldwyn, Michael T. Weiss, Harrison Chad, and Brian Blessed.


Tarzan can be found in Disney theme parks around the world as a very rare meet and greet character. He can be found in Tarzan's Treehouse, The Golden Mickeys, and Fantasmic. He can also be seen in certain Disney on Ice shows.


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