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Disney Reviews


Welcome to our review section! Here you can find reviews of some of the newest Disney products out there from our review team! You can either search by our newest review or by product!

Newest Reviews: TV Reviews
Cinderella Blu-Ray (2012)
Pete's Dragon Blu-Ray (2012)
The Avengers Blu-Ray (2012)
Newsies Blu-Ray (2012)
Peter Pan DVD (2007)
Girl Meets World Pilot
Once Upon A Time Episode 3.7
Once Upon A Time Episode 3.6
Once Upon A Time Episode 3.4
Once Upon A Time Episode 3.3
Past Once Upon A Time Reviews

Movie Reviews                       Three CommentEARS

Maleficent (May 30, 2014)                                               Hunchback of Notre Dame
Frozen (November 27, 2013)                                            Tangled

Oz (March 8, 2013)                                                             Peter Pan
Wreck-It Ralph (November 2, 2012)                              Cinderella
                                                                                                Wreck-It Ralph
                                                                                                Monsters, Inc.

Book Reviews

3500 - An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Rom...


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