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Columbia Harbour House

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The History: Opening with the Magic Kingdom as the Nantucket Harbour House, Columbia Harbour House has had the same theme to it since opening day.


The Story: You are about to make the long trip across the ocean, but before that, you may as well stop by everyone's favorite restaurant near the harbour. Being one of the few spots in Walt Disney World that is in two different lands, the Columbia Harbour House stands for a harbor in both Europe in Fantasyland, and also for a harbor in colonial America in Liberty Square. While passing underneath the breezeway connecting the two lands you are traveling from one continent to another while stopping at a harbor on both sides of the Atlantic.

Fun Facts: Columbia Harbour House is one of only two spots in Liberty Square to have restrooms, with the other being Liberty Tree Tavern. This is due to the fact that in colonial times there were no indoor restrooms. However, since it is a restaurant, Disney decided it'd be a good idea to include restrooms in the two main restaurants in Liberty Square.

Location: Liberty Square

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