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 Mickey's of Hollywood

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  The Story: Hollywood! What a town! What a magical place! You are here at Hollywood in it's golden age! That's right my friends! It's the 1920's, 30's, and 40's and YOU are in the middle of the action!

What does this have to do with Mickey's of Hollywood? As amazing as it is, Mickey's of Hollywood takes place in the 1920's, 30's, and 40's as well! When you enter the store from the corner closest to the park's entrance, you, and the rest of Hollywood Boulevard, are standing in 1920's Hollywood.

How can you tell it's the 1920's? Well, step right into the store and there before you is a reference to the classic 1928 Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie! As you travel through the store, and closer to the end of Hollywood Boulevard, you begin to travel through time, and through Mickey's career!

The 1930's section of the store is based around Mickey's next big milestone, his first appearance in color. This is represented by a statue of Band Concert Mickey from the 1935 Mickey Mouse Cartoon, the Band Concert.

As you travel to the next section of the store, and the next decade, you pass through Mickey's next major milestone which happened in the 1940's. That's right, it's Mickey's first appearance in a full length feature film, which is represented by a Sorcerer Mickey from the 1940 film, Fantasia!

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 Fun Fids:

As stated in The Story section, each room has a different nod to one of Mickey's milestones! Unfortunately, the store never reaches the 1950's so there is no reference to Mickey's next milestone, which would be his first appearance on television in the Mickey Mouse Club!

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

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