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Sid Cahuenga's

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The Story: Our story takes place back in Hollywood's past. Before there was a movie studio on every corner, the place was a bustling little town with one or two movie studios calling their place home. However, as time went on, more and more people moved to the area while creating brand new studios. As time went by, each little house was bought by different Studios.

Eventually all the houses were bought, except for one. That house belonged to a man named Sid Cahuenga. Sid, loving his house, refused to move. The Studio owners eventually stopped hassling him, and Sid began to realize he could make a fortune by staying where he was.

At night after all of the studios had closed for the day, Sid would sneak into the different lots and take different props and bring them back to his house. As time went on, Sid began to befriend the different actors, actresses, screenwriters, etc. in the area and they in turn would give him autographed pictures of themselves so he could sell.

Sid began to sell all the props and autographs to tourists visiting Hollywood realizing that a few of them may be willing to pay top dollar for his little treasures.


The Merchandise: Celebrity autographs and movie memorabilia! This is the only place on Walt Disney World property that you can by a Walt Disney autograph:

 Fun Fids: You can find movie trivia questions (not just Disney trivia) on the porch of Sid's house. If you think you know the answers, head inside and tell the Cast Member to receive your Magical Moment certificate! There is even children's trivia inside the store (juts as the Cast Member for the questions). The questions change about every ten to twenty days. See picture below.

You can also find a picture of Sid inside the store. It's just to the right of the door before you exit the shop. See picture below.

Location:  Hollywood Boulevard

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your review of Sid Cahuenga's One-of-a-Kind Antiques and Curios, please submit a review to!

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