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Sir Mickey's

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The Story: Welcome to Sir Mickey's! A long time ago there was a brave little mouse named Mickey who lived on a farm with his two friend, Goofy and Donald, in a wonderful place called Happy Valley. One day the magical harp that made Happy Valley a happy place was stolen and Happy Valley was no longer happy!

A starving Mickey, Donald, and Goofy sell their last possession, a cow, in return for some magical beans. After falling asleep that night the beans turn into huge vines that begin to reach for the sky bringing Mickey and the gang to a castle in the clouds. Here they find Willie the Giant who just happens to be the thief of the magical harp.

Mickey steals the harp, slides down the beanstalk and saws it down so Happy Valley will be rid of the evil Willie and once again be happy with their magical harp's return home!

The History: Prior to being Sir Mickey's, this shop was actually two shops. One side began as the Aristocats shop, a typical Disney gift shop, a little after park opening and eventually became Mickey's Christmas Carol Store, which was a Christmas shop. The other side of the store was called Merlin's Magic Shop, a magic shop. The two stores finally merged as one and in 1996 became Sir Mickey's.

The Merchandise: T-shirts, snow globes, Mickey Mouse ears (and embroidering!), picture frames, and more!

Fun Finds: You can find a picture of Happy Valley above one of the exits!

Look out for Willie the Giant peeking into the store!

The windows outside of the store feature Donald, Daisy, and several fun finds!

If you are a pressed penny collector, the shop does have some pressed pennies just for you!

Location: Fantasyland.

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