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Splash Mountain

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The Story: Everybody's got a laughin' place and it's time that you found yours as well! When Brer Rabbit decides he's going to run away from his troubles, his troubles run after him in the form of Brer Fox and Brer Bear. While trying to get away we visit Brer Rabbit in his laughing place, which in turn is no laughing matter for his pursuers. Brer Rabbit is eventually caught and we join him and Brer Fox up in Brer Fox's lair on Chick-a-pin Hill. 

Brer Rabbit, using his smarts, decides to trick Brer Fox into throwing him into the Briar Patch below knowing that growing up there will help him survive the fall through the thorns. After Brer Rabbit, and the guests, survive the fall, they are greeted by all the animals in the area singing a rendition of Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah in honor of Brer Rabbit's return. In the end Brer Rabbit points out that he's learned his lesson and that he's going to stay at his home.

Height Restriction: 40 inches
Attraction Length: 11 minutes
Fastpass? YES!

The History: When America Sings was closing in Disneyland, a new attraction was being built in Bear Country called the Zip-A-Dee River Run, which would be a flume ride centered around the forgotten Disney classic, Song of the South.

Michael Eisner, CEO of the company decided to have the name changed from Zip-A-Dee River Run to Splash Mountain in hopes that it would attract more people to the film coming out in the theatres, Splash! The attraction would open in Disneyland on July 17, 1989.

When Disney decided to open the attraction Walt Disney World they decided to give the attraction a home in Frontierland, since there was no Critter Country or Bear Country present like there is in Disneyland. It was then decided to have the music changed slightly in the attraction by adding more banjos and harmonicas, which they felt would give it a more Frontierland feel.

Splash Mountain opened in the Magic Kingdom on July 17, 1992.

Fun Facts: The final drop on the attraction begins 52.5 feet in the air and sends you down at 40 mph!

Location: Frontierland.

Touring Tips: The line typically gets long on hot days, so make sure you get a Fastpass! the line is usually nonexistent at night, so if you don't mind walking around in damp clothes at night, try to ride it just before leaving the park!

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