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Sunshine Seasons

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The Story: Epcot is to learn and explore the world around us, and no attraction lets us explore our own world more than Living with the Land! The attraction shows how the food we eat on a daily basis is grown from different plants around the world. The best part of the attraction is when we get to ride through one of these wonderful gardens that is growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

What does this have to do with Sunshine Seasons? Well, the food you see being grown in Living with the Land will someday make a home in a guests belly! And it could be yours if you are eating at Sunshine Seasons!

All of the food grown on the attraction makes its way over to Sunshine Seasons or the Garden Grill!

The Menu: Sunshine Seasons is broken up into several different pick up areas. Below is each section with the main food served there.

The Grill:
Soup and Salad:
Asian Noodles:
The Bakery:

Fun Facts: Why would they call it Seasons when there is nothing dealing with the seasons? Well, actually every seating area revolves around the seasons! There are four seating areas, each with different table tops.

There's Spring:
and Winter:

Location: Future World West

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