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Be Our Guest Restaurant (dinner)

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The Menu: The Be Our Guest dinner menu will have everything from French Onion Soup to Triple Chocolate Cupcakes, and everything in between!


The Story: You are invited to the night Belle and the Beast fell in love. After taking a walk through the forest, you, much like Belle and Maurice, have stumbled across the gates of the Beast's castle. What awaits you inside? Danger? Mystery? Or a delicious meal!?

Once inside, guests are invited to dine in the West Wing or the ballroom (where the famous dance between Belle and the Beast took place in the film). All around you elements from the film immerse guests while just outside a flurry of snowflakes fall from the sky. Candlelight, provided by Lumiere, helps set the mood for your authentic French meal! Bon Appetit!

The History: The signature dining location in New Fantasyland, Be Our Guest Restaurant was meant to be the centerpiece for the Beauty and the Beast section of the Fantasyland Expansion. With the Beast's Castle (where guests dine at) drawing guests to the area, the restaurant marks the first time a new sit down restaurant has been added to the Magic Kingdom in well over a decade!

While not open yet, Be Our Guest Restaurant officially opens on December 6, 2012!

Fun Facts: Guests can see the knights in shining armor, that watched as Belle walked towards the West Wing, just after entering the building!

The main dining room is meant to resemble the famous ball room scene during the film. Guests that look out the windows will notice that it is snowing outside!


Location: Fantasyland

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