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Briar Patch

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The Story: Welcome to the Briar Patch, the one and only home of Bre'r Rabbit! At the start of Song of the South, and Splash Mountain, our protagonist wants nothing more than to get away from his home at the Briar Patch, but along the way he learns that running away from home, and his troubles, is never the right solution. He eventually returns home to the Briar Patch knowing that he truly belongs here!

The History: The Briar Patch opened up as a companion to Splash Mountain when the attraction opened up in Frontierland in the early 1990s!

The Merchandise: While you can find some amazing merchandise dealing with Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Walt Disney World Railroad, you can also find pins, T-shirts, hats, snow globes, and a surprising collection of Minnie Mouse merchandise.

Fun Finds: Have you ever wondered where Bre'r Rabbit lived exactly? Head into the back section of the store and take a look up! Here you can find his living room, bedroom, and family photographs!

Location: Frontierland

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