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Country Bear Jamboree

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The Story: Yee-haw! It's time to stop by Grizzly Hall where Henry, our Master of Ceremonies, introduces to us a toe tapping, hand clapping good time that is bearly legal in these parts. Along the way he invites some of his close friends to stop by and sing us country songs. The acts include:

Liver Lips McGrowl, Wendell, Ernest, Terrence, Teddi Barra, Trixi, The Sun Bonnet Trio (consisting of Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah), Gomer, Big Al, and of course, The Five Bear Rugs (Zeke and Zeb and Ted and Fred, and a bear named Tennessee) and their groupie, Baby Oscar.

The bears are constantly watched by three viewers Buff (a buffalo), Max (a stag), and Melvin (a moose) who just hang around near the wall heckling as the show goes on. In addition, Sammy, a raccoon, plays the part of a coon skin cap, all while the show is being run by Rufus, a bear that is never seen during the show.

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: 16 minutes
Fastpass? No

The History: In the 1960s Walt Disney had already experienced success with Disneyland so he decided to start trying out new ideas in different places. Not Disney World, but Disney's Mineral King Ski Resort. Walt's plan was to build a ski resort in Mineral King, California which would feature an attraction hosted by a bunch of audio-animatronic bears. Although the idea never became a reality at Mineral King, when things were put into motion for Walt Disney World Imagineers realized that The Country Bear Jamboree would be a great addition for the Magic Kingdom's Frontierland.

With its opening on October 1, 1971, The Country Bear Jamboree became the first official attraction to open at Walt Disney World before opening at Disneyland.

Fun Facts: Starting in 1984 and ending in 2005, The Country Bear Christmas Special featured a holiday overlay that would give regular guests a chance to see the show in a brand new light.

Big Al, the bear that made "Blood on the Saddle" popular, is actually a bear audio-animatronic caricature of Al Bertino, a long time worker for Disney who worked on everything from Pinocchio to The Country Bear Jamboree!

In 2002 Disney released a film based off the attraction entitled, The Country Bears.

Location: Frontierland.

Touring Tips: The Country Bear Jamboree is rarely crowded so feel free to stop by whenever you get a chance throughout the day!

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