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Enchanted Tales With Belle

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The Story: "Take me to the day Belle and Beast fell in love."

After entering Maurice's workshop, guests look upon a magic mirror where they say this phrase. The mirror magically transforms into a door that guests then walk through. Here they meet the Wardrobe who explains that the enchanted objects throughout the castle are hoping tonight is the night Belle and Beast will fall in love, but before that they want to surprise Belle with a retelling of her and Beast's story!

The Wardrobe, along with her helper, assign different parts to guests in the room from knights to characters from the film like Mrs. Potts and Chip to a laughing portrait! Guests are then invited to go into Belle's library. Lumiere greets guests and dims the lights. Belle then enters the room and is startled to find all of her new friends there for a visit.

Lumiere, along with the help of the guests playing roles in the story, retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. Upon completion, Belle meets with the guests who participated in the story, but she must head back to get ready for dinner.

The Magic Mirror Before and During the effect!

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: Roughly 14 minutes from Maurice's workshop to the finale
Fastpass? N/A

The History: Before Rapunzel or Merida called Fairy Tale Garden home, Belle ruled the area with a simple show known as Storytimes with Belle! The show had Belle retell her story to guests while allowing kids, and one lucky adult playing the Beast, to participate as characters from the film. When the Fantasyland Expansion was announced in 2009, one of the interactive meet and greet experiences was announced as Enchanted Tales with Belle. The attraction was meant to be a more advanced version of the Fairy Tale Garden show. So with new Audio-Animatronics, special effects, and more, Enchanted Tales with Belle began to welcome guests in September, 2012.

Enchanted Tales with Belle officially opens on December 6, 2012!


Fun Facts: The detail within the library stays true to the look and feel of the film from the stonework to the very impressive Lumiere that sits on the mantle!


For an in-depth look at the queue for Enchanted Tales With Belle, visit our Enchanted Tales with Belle Queue Closer Look!

Location: Fantasyland

Touring Tips: The attraction is extremely popular, but the lines seem to slow down later in the day so try and visit during the later hours!

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