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Enchanted Tales With Belle Queue

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The Story: Maurice has received a new special mirror which allows him to visit Belle and Beast whenever he wants! Even better, he has invited you to come over and check it out along with the rest of his house along the way!

The Details: While approaching Maurice's cottage pay attention to the different signs, fences, lights, etc. They are all made up of different items that Maurice most likely used in a failed invention and decided to reuse them for something else! For instance, the sign out front features Lumiere, a nice little preview of who awaits you inside!

Once inside Maurice's cottage you will see that the entire area helps set up the backstory of Belle with things we know, and some things we may have always wondered about. Starting off with the wall directly on your right after entering you will find that Maurice has been keeping track of Belle's height for as long as he can remember!

Across the way guests can get their first ever glimpse of Belle's mother! Here you can see that Belle most likely received her love of reading from her mom!

Speaking of reading, take a look at the table in front of the portrait. Here you will find the exact book Belle was reading in the opening sequence of Beauty and the Beast (Ahhhh, isn't that amazing?)!

Adjacent to the book on the table you can see that Belle isn't the only person who frequents the living area. While Belle most likely sits at the table curled up with a good book, Maurice tirelessly works on another new invention!

You can also find a shelf near the portrait of Belle and her mother. Here you will find a teapot and cup, giving Belle a nice little bit of foreshadowing of what is in store for her!

The final thing you should be on the look out for before entering Maurice's workshop is the book placed on the stand near the doorway. Here you will find a book entitled, La Belle Au Bois Dormant, which translates to, Sleeping Beauty! This book has clearly been a long time favorite of Belle. How do we know that? Take a look at the book Belle is holding in the portrait with her mother: The two are the one and the same!

Location: Fantasyland

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