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Gaston's Tavern

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For a review of LeFou's Brew, please check out our Sunday Brunch article!

The Story: In the film, Beauty and the Beast, Belle and her father Maurice live in a quiet village where Mr. Popularity, Gaston, seems to run the town. In the middle of town square, Gaston's Tavern is the place to be! Owned by Gaston, here the locals can sit back, enjoy some LeFou Brew, and admire antlers (they are used in all of the decorating)!

The History: When the Fantasyland Expansion was announced back in 2009, news of the Be Our Guest Restaurant quickly became the talk of the town. Shortly after, however, news of Gaston's Tavern began to travel and guests began to yearn to visit the tavern where the famous "Gaston" song occurred during the film! On October 12, 2012 Gaston's Tavern had its first soft opening and LaFou Brew became the hit of the (little) town!

Gaston's Tavern officially opens on December 6, 2012!

Fun Facts: While in the restaurant pay attention to the art work found throughout the walls. The pictures found here are actually recreations of backdrops found throughout the film! The picture shown below is the scene where Maurice begins to head off to the fair!

Gaston and LaFou have been battling one another in darts. LaFou may need to eat a few dozen more eggs to help his game:

Location: Fantasyland

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