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Lost Boys Fire Brigade

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Closer Look at the Barrell near Peter Pan's Flight 

What is it? The Lost Boys Fire Brigade Barrel found near the Peter Pan Fastpass Distribution

The Story: Back when the story of Peter Pan was first released in 1901 citizens, much like today, would have to pay a monthly fee for the fire department. In exchange for their payments, the Fire Chief would place an object in front of the building to show that the people living at that location had in fact paid for their services and would go about putting out the fire. If there was no object out front, then sadly, the place would burn to the ground.

Why this barrel and why Ann D. Davis? Ann D. Davis, who is in fact a girl and not a Lost Boy, is actually the fire chief of Reedy Creek Fire Department, which is Disney's own fire station on property. She recently took over for the old chief (and the last name on the barrel), W. Ray Colburn, which seemed to be a perfect name due to the coal burn. However, why is the barrel in this obscure location in Fantasyland? Is it just for the story? Actually, if you were to lift up the barrel just slightly you will discover that underneath is a hidden fire hydrant which does not fit in with the story of Fantasyland.

Location:  Fantasyland

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