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Mad Tea Party

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Mad Tea Party Entrance sign - Walt Disney World 

The Story: Do you know what today is? Why yes, it's my unbirthday! Wait, it's your unbirthday too? Well, it's time to celebrate in style by going to a Mad Tea Party. While the Mad Hatter and March Hare aren't in attendance, the dormouse is! Apparently you've drank from the bottle which makes Alice shrink, because you, and a few friends, can fit comfortably in a single teacup!

When the ride stops, you get the opportunity to control the speed and consistency of the spinning of your teacup in this mad tea party!

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: 90 seconds
Fastpass? None

The Mad Tea Party at Walt Disney World

The History: When Disneyland opened up in 1955 several attractions were based around recent Disney animated film hits like Peter Pan, Snow White, Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and the four year old film, Alice in Wonderland! While the original concept of the attraction didn't make it into the park (guests were going to actually be on the tea party table with the Mad Hatter standing overhead), the attraction opened with positive feedback causing it to not only open in the Magic Kingdom, but every other Magic Kingdom styled park in the world!

When the attraction first opened in the Magic Kingdom it was practically a duplicate of Disneyland's version: an outside attraction with three turntables featuring six teacups each. However, in 1974, Disney added a roof overhead to help avoid rain problems that occur often in Central Florida. With the roof, the centerpiece of the attraction, the teapot with dormouse inside, joined the attraction as well and with the exception of color scheme changes, the attraction has stayed the same ever since!

The Mad Tea Party opened on October 1, 1971!

Fun Facts: Randy Pausch, a professor who became famous for his "Last Lecture" on the internet in 2007 was a huge Disney fan. After passing away, Disney honored him by putting a quote from his Last Lecture near his favorite attraction, the Mad Tea Party:

Mad Tea Party Randy Pausch

Location: Fantasyland

Touring Tips: The attraction usually has shorter lines early in the morning or late at night. In the middle of the day expect more of a line, but it'll probably never exceed twenty minutes.

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your thoughts on the Mad Tea Party, please comment below!


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