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Peter Pan's Flight

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The Story: "But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?" "Fly of course!"

Here you goooooooooo! Off to Neverland! When Wendy is told she must grow up in the morning, Peter Pan, the star of all of Wendy's stories, comes to take her and her two brothers, John and Michael, to Neverland where they'll never have to grow up. Along their journey they fly over London, meet the Lost Boys, pirates, mermaids, and Indians, and fight the notorious Captain Hook!

In the end, Peter and his friends win and with the power of pixie dust, they set sail on Captain Hook's pirate ship, the Jolly Roger, and set sail back to London.


Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: 3 minutes
Fastpass? Yes!

The History: Contrary to popular belief, Peter Pan's Flight did not open with Walt Disney World on October 1, 1971. In fact, it opened a whopping two days afterwards on October 3, 1971 instead. The attraction was originally featured in Disneyland's Fantasyland since opening day, but with a slight difference.

While Disneyland's version is a classic load system where it stops for each guest to board their pirate ship, Peter Pan's Flight in the Magic Kingdom uses the omni-mover technology that was mastered in the mid-1960s. Throughout the years, Peter Pan's Flight has remained basically the same with the exception of adding a Fastpass option in the late 90s/early 2000s.

The line is currently being updated to include an interactive queue. What will the new line have in store? Only time will tell!

Fun Fact: The cars that are driving on the street are actually glow in the dark paint painted upon a bicycle chain!

The ride vehicles are actually suspended by the same mechanics that can be found in warehouses! While in warehouses they help haul around large cargo, on Peter Pan's Flight it helps support pirate ships and guests!

There is a Hidden Mickey hiding in the queue line! Click here to read all about it!

The Fastpass machines are located beneath Tick-Tock, the crocodile from the film!

Location: Fantasyland.

Touring Tips: No matter what time of day you visit Peter Pan's Flight, you will most likely have to wait in a long line. However, if you stop by right when the park opens you are almost guaranteed a walk on. If you arriving a few hours after park opening, make sure to use the Fastpass option to guarantee a chance to ride this unbelievable attraction!

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