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Prairie Outpost & Supply

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The Story: Congratulations! You've reached a simpler time of the Old West! While a lot of the locations found throughout Frontierland focus around things most people associate with the Old West (for instance, trading, saloons, etc.), the Prairie Outpost & Supply shop focuses around an often forgotten item of this time period.

While the Old West consisted of rougher times, there were also things found there that allowed townsfolk to relax among simpler times as well. The Prairie Outpost & Supply shop is the home to one of the most visited spots by children of the old west: the candy shop! After their pa would bring back a raccoon and trade it at the Frontier Trading Post (located just down the street) he'd give his children a cent to spend down at the Prairie Outpost & Supply to pick up a piece of candy!

So next time you are visiting Frontierland, make sure to bring a raccoon, get your cent (actually a lot more than that with inflation), and stop by for one of the best candy shops in the Magic Kingdom!

The Merchandise: Candy, Fudge, soda, etc.

Touring Tips: For those of you with an annual pass or other discount, make sure you stop by here to get a discount on your soda or snacks! While some of the treats are sold at dining locations, you will receive a discount at this shop since it is a merchandise location, therefore paying less!

Vinylmation Trading Spot? No

Location: Frontierland

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