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Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

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The Story: Yes, you go around and around in circles, but there is much more to this attraction than meets the eye!

Prince Charming began to compete in different knight activities after Cinderella and him moved into Cinderella Castle. The competition he began to focus on more than anything was ring spearing which is when a knight, riding upon his noble steed, would try to spear a ring hanging from a tree while riding full speed. To improve his technique, and to not wear out his horse, he instructed a woodcarver to create a device that would have a horse travel around in a circle while traveling up and down to recreate the motions of a horse.

Charming had the carrousel placed off in the countryside so he could practice in peace. Soon the villagers began to hear about the device, which Charming called a carrousel, and all wanted to ride upon these wooden horses. Charming instructed that a second carrousel was to be built in the castle courtyard so all the citizens of the kingdom could have some fun!

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: 2 minutes
Fastpass? None

The History: Amazingly enough, the Carrousel has one of the most elaborate histories of any attraction in Walt Disney World. Built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, which claimed fame for bringing to life some of the best wooden roller coasters around, the carrousel started it's life in Detroit Park Garden Park. This location was considered the first major permanent amusement park in Detroit and it eventually closed in 1928.

The carrousel would make its way over to Maplewood, New Jersey where it would call Olympic Park its home. Olympic Park would eventually close up in 1965, which was right when the earliest stages of Walt Disney World were getting into motion. Disney Imagineers found the carrousel and decided it would be perfect for the Magic Kingdom. They purchased it and began to do a major overhaul on the attraction.

In the process they would add more horses, paintings depicting the story of Cinderella, and naturally a new paint job. The attraction, which due to its extensive history is the oldest attraction found within Walt Disney World, opened with the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971 as Cinderella's Golden Carrousel. It would be renamed Prince Charming Regal Carrousel in 2010.

Fun Facts: While waiting in line pay close attention to the panels near the top of the carrousel. These panels actually retell the entire story of Cinderella!

There are 86 horses on the Carrousel, each one with a unique look and paint job!

There has been quite the debate throughout the years on whether or not Cinderella has her own horse on the carrousel. As the story goes, one day a Cast Member was approached by a child who wanted to know which of the horses was Cinderella's (keep in mind that in the film Cinderella never rode a horse, although she did have a horse named Major). The Cast Member pointed out a horse they believed would be Cinderella's. It is in the second row (due to the fact that Prince Charming would most likely be on the outside to protect her) and has a gold ribbon on its tail and purple flowers in the mane. Although it isn't official, the story of this being Cinderella's personal horse stuck and is still referred to as Cinderella's horse by Cast Members and fans!

Location: Fantasyland.

Touring Tips: The line is typically nonexistent. Please keep in mind that the attraction does close shortly before the fireworks begin so don't wait too long to hop on!

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