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Snow White's Scary Adventures

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The Story: "Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" That simple question causes an avalanche of problems for the fairest in the land. Snow White's evil stepmother learns she is the fairest in the land and has a simple solution. Kill her! Luckily for Snow, the Huntsman warns Snow White of the Queen's evil plan and she flees into the forest to find the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs!

While her stay with the Dwarfs is cheerful, the Queen transforms herself into an Old Hag and meets up with Snow with a tasty apple. Snow White takes a bite, goes into a deep sleep, and the Dwarfs chase the Old Hag to a cliff where she plummets to her doom. Luckily, Snow White's Prince Charming comes to the rescue and with true loves first kiss, Snow wakes up and the two ride off into the sunset with one another.

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: 3 minutes
Fastpass? None

The History: Snow White's Scary Adventure was an opening day attraction at Disneyland and when plans for the Florida Project went into motion, it was an obvious choice for an opening day for the newest Magic Kingdom in the world.

The 1971 version of the attraction did not feature Snow White, although her name appeared in the name of the attraction. The attraction had you passing the Evil Queen/Old Hag in her dungeon followed by an escape through the forest which led you to the cottage of the seven dwarfs. Here you would find all seven dwarfs climbing up the stairs, although frightened of what lay behind the door at the top. You would eventually flee the cottage, where the Old Hag was offering you an apple, go through the dwarfs mine until you watched the Old Hag fall to her very timely doom.

Disney realized 23 years later that this ride really lived up to the name of being scary. More so, Disney had guests who kept questioning the absence of Snow White within the attraction that featured her name. Disney's explanation was guests were actually playing the part of Snow White therefore would not see her throughout the attraction. To help clarify the situation, and tone down the scariness, Disney added Snow White to the attraction in 1994.

Since then the attraction has remained the same until this year. Later this this year, in 2012, Snow White's Scary Adventures is scheduled to close to make way for new experiences that are coming as part of the new Fantasyland Expansion. Don't worry though! Snow White and friends won't be leaving us for good. In 2013, a brand new mine train adventure will be added to Fantasyland allowing Snow and friends to remain with us forever!

Location: Fantasyland.

The Amazing Race:

Magic Mirror, on the wall, where should we head to win it all?

Yadseut Remag Ni Nazrat


Touring Tips: The line usually gets a little longer at midday when a lot of families are in Fantasyland. The best time to visit the attraction is about an hour before Wishes begins at night. Cast Members will rope of the area, but guests can still enter the attraction near the Seven Dwarfs Mine shop! You will usually have no wait!

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