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SplashDown Photos


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The Story: So you have survived the plunge and want to see how terrified your companions (or let's face it, you) looked while on Splash Mountain. You'll stop by SplashDown Photos, but soon realize that your pictures aren't the only pictures being developed here.

Since this is the frontier from the olden days you'll soon realize that instant photography (invented during the 20th century) isn't around, and all pictures must be developed through a black room process. Unfortunately you aren't the only person who had their photograph taken. The walls and ceiling are adorned with other photos still in the development stages. Hopefully your picture was taken in a more modern way and you can get bumped to the head of the line.

The Merchandise: Photos (from Splash Mountain), towels, t-shirts, etc.

The History: This shop opened with Splash Mountain and was the first Disney shop to focus on pictures taken while riding an attraction!

Fun Finds: While inside the shop take a look above the registers to find pictures that are still being developed. Some of these include old time photographs (with no real significant meaning) and others include stills from the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South!

You can find a penny press machine inside SplashDown Photos! Here you can find the following pressed pennies:

Vinylmation Trading Spot? No

Location: Frontierland

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Return to Frontierland Shopping

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