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The Dark Room

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The Story: Welcome to the Hollywood that never was and always will be! In the 1930's (the time period we are at in this portion of Disney's Hollywood Studios) a new craze was going on that was referred to as California Crazy architecture. This meant the building was meant to look like a specific object, and as you can see from the picture above, a portion of The Dark Room is meant to represent an old time camera!

The Merchandise: Camera, film, DVD's, books, video games, etc.

The History: While designing Disney-MGM Studios in the late 80s one idea arose among Imagineers: to bring as many historic landmarks or buildings to their new park. One of the ideas was to duplicate a shop called The Darkroom. The actual Darkroom shop, located at 5370 Wilshire Boulevard in L.A. opened up in the late 1930s as a film shop.

Disney's version is nearly an exact double of the L.A. shop with one small change: the Kodak sign (the sponsor for the shop) above the entrance. The Darkroom in L.A. is now a Tex Mex (as Google Maps has shown me), but the camera still sits out front. The Disney-MGM Studios version of the shop opened with the park on May 1, 1989.

Vinylmation Trading Spot? No

Fun Finds: While inside the shop you can find pictures of Walt Disney scattered throughout the shop. It's a nice way for Disney to keep up the theme of famous buildings and people of the 1930s throughout the shop!

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

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