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Tom Sawyer's Island

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The Story: Troublesome Tom has run away from home and made camp on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River! While there he discovers caves, builds barrel bridges, and hides paintbrushes in hopes that he'll never have to whitewash another fence!

Height Restriction: None
Attraction Length: N/A
Fastpass? Not Available

The History: Shortly after Disneyland opened, the island in the middle of the Rivers of America opened for guests to explore and go fishing! It was soon themed around the popular literary character, Tom Sawyer!

When Walt Disney World opened, Tom Sawyer Island opened up in the middle of the Magic Kingdom's own Rivers of America. Disney felt it was the perfect location for the entire family. Adventurous family members could explore caves and barrel bridges, imaginative members could pretend they were protecting a wilderness fort, while tired family members could sit on a rocking chair while watching riverboats sail by.

Fun Facts: Every day paintbrushes (symbolizing the paint brushes Tom used in the books to whitewash the fence) are hidden throughout the island. If you find one of these paintbrushes and turn it in to a Cast Member you will receive Fastpasses for your entire party for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain! If you aren't feeling up to either of these, ask if they can give you a Fastpass for another attraction. Most of the time they can easily oblige!

Location: Frontierland.

Touring Tips: While there isn't really a busy time to visit the island, you may want to stop by right when the Island opens at 10:00 to get on the first raft. This increases your chance of finding a paintbrush!

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