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Under the Sea Queue

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The Story: You have been invited to join Ariel under the sea, but before you get there you must make a journey to Prince Eric's castle. You'll find yourself in front of the majestic castle, and lucky for you, it's low tide! Due to this, you can take Ariel's favorite path to entering the castle: through the hidden underwater cavern filled with history and adventure! Along the way you'll meet crabs, Scuttle, and even find the stories passed on through generations of seafaring folk! So go have an adventure!

The Details: While walking through the line you'll find the following sign asking you to help crabs! As you travel along you'll find several stations featuring these crabs looking for your help!

A request from Ariel

The crabs in one of the portholes

While walking through the line be mindful that you are standing in the same location that was once home to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! To pay homage to this classic attraction, you can find several nods to the attraction including a rock carving of the Nautilus (not pictured), songs like "Whale of A Tale" playing overhead, and former portholes as seen below!

The real treasure of the queue line can be found just before the Fastpass merge area. This section has not been used during any of the previews I've attended, but I snuck over to grab some pictures. You have just entered inside Prince Eric's castle and while here you can find a dome above with a retelling of stories by seafarers! Enjoy!

After merging with the Fastpass line guests can finally see the load area which depicts a mural of everyone's favorite Little Mermaid!

Location: Fantasyland.

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