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December 6, 2013

Location: World of Disney, Downtown Disney

It's confession time. I am obsessed with Frozen! The film transports me back to my childhood when my parents would take my brothers and I to see Disney's latest animated film. The music, story, animation, and characters are all unbelievable. Speaking of characters, most people I have talked to are pleasantly surprised by how much they love Olaf, the snowman who dreams of a sunny summer!

Olaf isn't the first Disney character to dream of a sunny lifestyle when their body was built for the cold. While most people remember The Three Caballeros for the scenes featuring Donald, Panchito, and Jose, the film actually featured several small segments revolving around birthday presents given to Donald. In one of these segments we are introduced to Pablo the Penguin who, much like Olaf, dreams of life away from the cold.

So how does this connect with World of Disney? While in the central room of World of Disney take a look at the pictures found about two-thirds of the way up in the rooms. Here a story unfolds showing Mickey and the gang taking a trip around the world. One of their stops is in Antarctica where Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie play hockey. While here, guests can find Pablo the Penguin, all bundled up, dreaming of a sunnier life!

Pablo the Penguin


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